Concert: Ryan Hanifl



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Concert: Ryan Hanifl
Saturday, July 16, 7:30 pm

La Crosse native Ryan Hanifl will perform an intimate solo-set, Saturday, July 16th with special local guest musicians. Ryan is a singer/songwriter/composer who landed in the Midwest music scene 15 years ago after graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he worked alongside famed Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer. Since then, Ryan has been composing music and performing across the country calling Los Angeles his home.


“Music to me is that feeling you get sometimes at the end of a long, cold, dreary day, when your restless and tired, when all is quiet out and you find yourself dozing off to the sounds of the night, to the crickets chirping, wind chimes faintly ringing, and you lay your head down softly… that warm pillow sleep.” – Ryan Hanifl

Tickets are $12.
Student tickets are $10 with a valid student ID.

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