2019-20 Exhibitions

September 18 through November 9

Reception: September 20, 5-7 PM

Walking Together

Kader Gallery 

Walking Together is an invitational exhibition of artwork by 15 Chinese contemporary oil painting masters and is an exchange event between Chinese and American cultures and arts.

Chinese Calligraphy

Artist: Gordon Zeng
Front Gallery 

Gordon Zeng has been practicing the art of Chinese calligraphy for more than 45 years. His work promotes cultural exchange and understanding in the community.

November 13 through January 4

Reception: November 15, 2019 5-7 PM

Mark My Words 2019

Kader Gallery

This juried exhibit presented in partnership with the La Crosse Public Library showcases visual art and poetry written in response to the art. The exhibition features 15 artists and 15 poets.


Willow 101: Portraits in Charcoal

Artist: Catherine Williams
Front Gallery

Charcoal portraits by Catherine Williams express whether it be a gesture or the way light is falling, every portrait has a story and every life makes a mark on the world.

January 8 through February 22

Reception: January 10, 5-7 PM

Small Memories

Artist: Aldis Strazdins
Kader Gallery

We all have tales of “small memories” – forgotten places, discarded possessions, collected objects. Connections to their original owners long gone, the memories are remnants of what made a person or place unique. The artist captures and, in some cases, “reconstructs” his subjects using the 19th century wet plate photographic process. With chemicals unpredictably scarring every image, the process itself becomes a haunting part of the finished work. 


Artist: Lynne Burgess
Kader Gallery

Vessels is a series of layered monotype prints representing people in the artist’s life. She has learned that, as in life, layers, additions, and unexpected accidents can make something stronger, and sometimes even beautiful.


Artist: Chad & Kiesha Dykstra
Kader Gallery

The artists’ unique naked pottery expresses warmth and depth that is not achievable with glazed pottery. They create each piece and prepare them for firing at which point they allow natural influences to take over and finish the decoration of the piece.

The Land Where We Live

Artist: Alberta Marana
Front Gallery

In this collection of pastels the artsit reflects the wonder of nature and invites the observer to experience the initial sense of awe inspired by a magnificent scene.

February 26- April 11 (Exhibit extended through May 9, 2020)

Reception: February 28, 5-7 PM

Impressions of the Driftless

Artist: Kate Kerrigan
Kader Gallery

Impressions of the Driftless is a collection of astract mosaics that captures the textures, colors and feelings of the unique terrain Kate still considers home.

It Might Be You

Artist: Pat Morse Gund
Front Gallery

This series of paintings connect to the artist’s experiences as an art teacher at North Woods International school in La Crosse. Perhaps former students might recognize themselves in the silhouettes featured.

Ways of Seeing: Bog Tapestries

Artist: Elizabeth M. Blair
Kader Gallery

Ways of Seeing , Blair’s photographic series, features the reflective surfaces of pools in the tamarack bogs of northern Itasca County. By means of water and light, nature creates images that are beautiful, colorful, strange, and mystical by turn.

Light and Form

Artist: Art Ciccotti
Front Gallery

Glass blowing is this artist’s passion. His emphasis centers around form and color, utilizing color to tie the design together. He incorporates roll ups and cane work as well as several “Venetian” techniques.

May 20 through July 18

Reception: May 29, 5-7 PM

Artifacts of Memory

Artist: Colleen Cosgrove
Kader Gallery

Drawing on random, vivid memories from her life, Colleen creates vibrant largescale oil paintings using psychologically-compelling narratives that are slices of twentieth century life with a surreal, “film noir” quality.

The Beauty of Art in Familiar Forms

Artist: Karen Dunn
Front Gallery

Karen Dunn is an artist who primarily paints scenes from her travels as well as local sites. Most of her paintings include a water element in it such as a river, stream or ocean.

Southwestward Ho!

Artist: Steve Johnson
Balcony Gallery

Black and white images of the American Southwest, from sand dunes to mountains and mesas are included in this photography exhibition.

Artifacts of Memory - Gallery Narration

by Colleen Cosgrove

The Beauty of Art in Familiar Forms - Gallery Narration

by Karen Dunn

July 22 through September 12

Reception: July 26, 5-7 PM

New Beginnings

Artist: Grace Hughes
Kader Gallery

This collection of paintings and drawings are based on the artist’s theory that experiences and memories based on experiences are the key to one’s happiness.

Contemporary Americana

Artist: Luke Achterberg
Kader Gallery

These metal sculptures explore relationships between fine art and the subcultural ideals of Americana found in hot-rodding, style writing, and street art.

Big Dogs : Large Stories

Artist: Jennifer Fisher Jones
Front & Balcony Galleries

Big Dogs: Large Stories is an evolving collection of large format colorful oils on canvas representing a unique collaboration between dogs and their human companions.

Between Here and Now

Artist: Jean Lukens
Kader Gallery

Between Here and Now features transparent watercolor, pen and ink paintings using floral still life and abstract subject matter.