2021 – 2022 Exhibitions

Pump House Regional Arts Center

Daniel McConnell

Some Place Good and Deep

November 10 – January 8

Snow on Winter Branches

“When I create, I am a sojourner traveling to the good space inside. Color, shapes, and words take me someplace good and deep. There, color is my friend; it heals my brokenness and expands my world. I intensely feel the pain of the world and want to heal the sadness through my art. I am grateful to others who establish a structure for choice-making during my creative process because of the nature of my autism and sensory challenges.” — Daniel McConnell

At the age of three, Daniel lost the ability to speak as he submerged into the world of autism. He could only point to communicate until he was introduced to supported typing at 21 years old. He soon emerged with a college vocabulary and keen insights into the world and human nature. Daniel went on to achieve a high school diploma in two years and attend college with honors. He was involved in publishing a book of his art and poetry, also titled Someplace Good and Deep.