The Annual Patron Reception

The Patron Recognition Reception is a fundraiser for the arts where all proceeds go to the Pump House to help support the mission to provide free admission to all galleries, tuition sponsorships, and diverse arts programming for all ages. Your heart will be touched and new friends will be made at the annual Pump House Patron Recognition Reception.


Past Honorees

2010 – Dick Record

2011 – Martha Schwem

2012 – Wilma Scheffner

2013 – Lisbeth and Dick Reynertson

2014 – Donald Smith

2015 – Gail Cleary

2016 – Susan Fox and Lee Rasch

2017 – Charlotte and Roger Grant

2018 – Eva Marie and Todd Restel

2019 – Wendy and Mark Mattison

2020 – Anne Drecktrah (rescheduled to 2022)