Soul Box Project

The Soul Box Project is a national, non-political, grass-roots community art project that collects and exhibits thousands of hand folded origami boxes to raise awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic. Each Soul Box represents one life lost or injured by gun violence, defense, accident or suicide.

The Soul Box Project envisions a society where all people living in the U.S. are empowered to choose responsible actions regarding gun use that reflect their values, priorities and beliefs so that we can live in safe communities, talk to resolve conflicts, have schools focus on learning, gather in peace, and thrive in communities that foster trust and unity.


Soul Boxes displayed at Portland Institute for Loss & Transition Summer Institute in Grief Therapy, June 2019. Photo credit: The Soul Box Project


The Process:

  • Join the Pump House in making an origami Soul Box. Anyone can do it! Printed and video instructions are below. Stay tuned for virtual online box folding group events and socially distanced in person events that we will share with you on Facebook as they are scheduled.
  • Consider getting together as a small, socially distanced group to fold origami Soul Boxes. Families, craft groups, friends and neighbors have all spent time folding together. This provides a chance to share experiences and remember victims. Folding a Soul Box can be a healing, meditative act.
  • Drop off your completed origami Soul Box at the Pump House Regional Arts Center to be included in our own public art exhibit. On Friday, January 22, 2021 we will send all of the collected Soul Boxes to the project headquarters in Portland, OR. to be a part of a massive art display on the National Mall in Washington, D.C in April 2021.