2021 – 2022 Exhibitions

Pump House Regional Arts Center

James Ringstrom


September 15 – November 6

This exhibition features the animal drawings of the self-named “Lineilist”artist, Dr. James Ringstrom. In “line” with French Pointillism, Ringstrom uses colorful lines of various lengths which are then blended by the viewer’s eye to create one coherent image.

Dr. Ringstrom is a retired Gundersen Clinic podiatrist. His mother was an art teacher in Joliet, IL. He started taking watercolor classes in January of 2019, but switched to colored pencils to have more control over details. He started drawing animal portraits in the fall of that year. Drawing reminds him of the long surgical days with few breaks. Dr. Ringstrom remembers advising the residents to “think out of the box and pay attention to detail.”