Meditation with Pakistani Classical Music

Tuesday, August 29, 6:00 – 6:45 PM
Suggested donation of $20 or give what you can 

Led by La Crosse’s own Sana Illahe, these workshops are designed to spread the learnings from centuries old oral tradition that are kept sacred in the lineages and passed on to disciples by the maestros orally. This means the music is not notated. So each musical piece carries with it the flavor of each lineage that it touches.  

While the workshop will explore intellectual history of the music, the real gift this music brings is that it keeps the capacity to transcend intellect. We will try to achieve just that, and allow the music to touch our hearts and soul in this workshop by various techniques taught by the lineage that I follow. 

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These workshops will offer participants a chance to learn about the ancient music from Hindustani- Pakistani classical tradition. In each of the workshops, we will explore different raags (different set of pitches) and try to create the ambiance and mood that each of the raag promises to deliver.  

This musical tradition is highly meditative in nature, and is known to help connect one with their deeper self. We will use this avenue to explore the power of the raags. 

Each session will be centered around one raag. We will explore the pitches of the raag, and briefly compare and contrast the raag with other raags. We will unpack a bandish, a song that is composed to explore all pitches of the raag. We will explore literal and symbolic meanings of them. We will primarily use this workshop to meditate using each note from the raag, and chant the bandish to allow the ambiance of the raag to engulf us. 

We will also explore other song forms that are set in the particular raag being explored in a given set of pitches.  

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