Old School Variety Show


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This show harkens back to a time when people created their own entertainment.  At one time there were no movie theaters, no radio and no television.  Entertainment was always live.  On a Saturday night, your family and friends would gather in the parlor and someone would play the piano, someone else would recite poetry, your cousin would play the banjo, and your uncle would do magic tricks. This show recreates that experience.  It’s fun, it’s live . . . it’s old school.

Every show is brand new and never rehearsed. Each and every show takes on its own natural rhythm dictated by the invited performers. The show is as fresh to the entertainers on stage as it is to the audience.

Produced by Old School Company.
Hosted by Michael Scott.


Saturday, January 19
Saturday, February 16
7:30 PM

Doors open at 7:00 PM.


$18 in advance; $21 day of show.

General Admission

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Saturday, January 19, Saturday, February 16


7:30 PM


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