2020-21 Exhibitions

September 16 through November 7

Virtual Reception: September 18, 5:30-6:30 PM

The Passages and Byways of Nature

Artist: Joan Finnegan Kader Gallery  Oil paintings that show the discovery of the world around us in a softer sense, focusing on the beauty and joy of nature.
Kari Hogden

Saguaros I Have Met

Artist: Kari Hogden Kader Gallery  Saguaros I Have Met is a series of paintings that speaks to the viewer with bold, expressive brushstrokes depicting saguaros and wildlife of the Sonoran Desert.

Protect the Pollinators

Artist: Jessie Fritsch Front Gallery Jessie Fritsch shows how pollinators impact her artwork and lifestyle. Using the technique of encaustic painting, her artwork features vibrant and luminous color.

November 11 through January 2

Reception: November 13, 2020 5-7 PM

Jean Helliesen Estate Collection

Kader Gallery  Jean Helliesen lived a notable life, full of academic achievements and community service. Her rich and varied friendships included the Pump House and Film Society. Jean’s love and knowledge of the arts is reflected in this collection that features a wide range of art and artists, including works from Ken DeWaard, Ken Durkin, and Niclas Gulbrandsen.
Carol and Roy Toepke

National Parks: Iconic Places and Spaces

Artists: Carol and Roy Toepke Front Gallery  A husband and wife team, Carol and Roy use photography to encourage outdoor enthusiasm and environmentalism.

The Passages and Byways of Nature

Artist: Joan Finnegan Kader Gallery  Oil paintings that show the discovery of the world around us in a softer sense, focusing on the beauty and joy of nature.   Joan Finnegan’s exhibition has been extended though January 2nd.

January 6 through February 20

She's Lost Her Marbles!

Artist: Carol Keene Front Gallery The artist lets marbles roll over different surfaces and captures these colorful orbs in varied and whimsical habitats.  Acrylic on canvas that looks like photography!

Dirty Rain

Artist: Jake Phillips Kader Gallery A series of Japanese themed tattoo designs of acrylic spray and markers on canvas.

February 24 through April 10

Land and Patchwork

Artist: Rachel Deutmeyer Kader Gallery Deeply influenced by Midwestern roots, the artist’s photographic practice explores the ways people establish emotional connections to their surroundings.  Her work reflects complex relationships between people and land.


Artist: Seho Park Kader Gallery TREES, an exhibition of paintings, focuses on images of trees revealing the dynamic interactions and delicate intervals that all the living things of nature sustain together.

Toy (With) Animals

Artist: Anna Segner Front Galler Toy (with) Animals is a body of intricate still life paintings where the depth of artificial nature in the home and the societal value of nature are expressed through materialism.

April 14 through May 17

Virtual Artist Reception: TBA

Aquinas Schools

Elementary & High School
Balcony & Front Galleries

Blessed Sacrament

Balcony  Gallery

La Crosse Logan School

Kader Gallery

La Crosse Central School

Kader Gallery

May 19 through July 17

Virtual Artist Reception: Thursday, May 20, 5:30 PM
Zoom Link

Figuring it Out

Artist: Anders Shafer
Kader Gallery

In a ‘story board’ type format, Anders explores figures in narratives and histories, usually in a sequential formats. His ideas are contextualized by combining historical, psychological, abstraction, expressionism, and surrealism in his drawings and paintings.

Figuring it Out

Artist: Barbara Shafer
Kader Gallery

In her paintings, Barbara explores themes of figures, mostly dancers in light and how the figure relates to problems of form in space.

Redefining Hmong American Women

Artist: Mai Chao 
Front Gallery

As an artist and scholar, Mai Chao was inspired to tell her story from a Hmong woman’s perspective. Her exhibition was created by using critical reflection and observation combined with scholarly research to explore Hmong history, assimilation, hopes and dreams, and sense of belonging as a Hmong American woman.

July 21 through September 11

Open House, In-Person Artist Reception Friday, August 6, 2021, 5-7 pm

Children's Story Time-Family Legends Retold

Artist: Scott Onsager Kader Gallery Through a hand-building process, the artist portrays family “legends” in clay, reshaping timeless forms to express the artist’s lived experience.

Painting Us Forward

Artist: Jennifer Williams
Kader Gallery

‘Painting Us Forward’ is an expanding partnership that communicates hope and resilience through visual storytelling. This exhibition includes painted portraits of small business owners, accompanied by their own stories of the impact of Covid-19, mandated measures on their business.

Encaustic: "What Lies Beneath"

Artist: Carissa Brudos
Front Gallery

“What Lies Beneath,” is a collection of work reflecting a moment in time, a memory, a sensation, and feeling.  My artwork is inspired by the natural journey of discovering the process and qualities of wax.


Artist: Drazen Dupor Balcony Gallery In this Byzantine style iconography, Dupor shows the basic elements of a human face with the expression of divine peace and benevolence reflected in the structure of lines.