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Grey Area Productions exists to offer a wide range of artistic and cultural enrichment through presenting published and original works.
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Grey Area Productions mission is to bring our audiences stories that ignite emotion, challenge conception, and inspire growth. We know you value enriching artistic experiences. To that end, we are committed to not only entertain, but to engage you with compelling stories and complex characters.

The first conversations of starting a local theatre company involved the following:
  • We want to create something that is inclusive and works across different mediums
  • We want to enrich our community by providing compensation to our talent
  • We want to provide accessible theatre for all
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E.184: Grey Area Produtions Theater Company

La Crosse Local Podcast chatted with Colin Thelen and Katie Bakalars of Grey Area Productions, a multimedia-focused theatre company based in La Crosse, WI. We learned the origin story of the theatre, the process when producing a show, and what’s next for this theatre group.

There was a lot of isolation going on with the pandemic…oddly kind of a silver lining…a lot of us had worked together over a decade ago in the theater world…wound up back here (on the origins of the company).

Katie Bakalars

Actor, Producer & Director with Grey Area Productions

Audience Testimonials

“A remarkable ensemble piece that carefully and thoughtfully deals with a very difficult subject matter. The performance reminded me of the significance of the arts. The importance of telling a story, and the impact and intersection of art and life.”


“Phenominal.  Real, just so good and powerful. How the issue was handled was great. The raw emotion behind the forced choice, and the accuracy of the medical and philosophical/religious concepts and language was spot on.  It made me tear-up multiple times.”


What a tremendous, moving, funny, transformative performance last night. I will be processing this…well, forever.


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