The Pump House Regional Arts Center theater renovation was planned before the pandemic shut down and became the silver lining at a time when ticket sales ceased.
As it goes when you renovate, you come across finds that you didn’t anticipate.  The rounded edge window from the first floor Kader art gallery was hidden behind the wall and seating risers.
An entirely new subfloor and flooring was installed in the theater.  No more creaky floor!  All cords and wiring are now hidden behind the new sheet rock.  Our sound and light board is portable and can be housed anywhere in the room according the performance needs.
The new telescopic theater seating can easily be retracted with a touch of a button.  This gives the theater flexibility to set up for dance performances or wedding rentals.  New theater floor seats are on order and due to arrive in September 2021 for the premiere of the Pump House production of ‘Love, Loss, and What I Wore’, directed by Anne Drecktrah.

The original paneled wood ceiling from 1880 remains, accented by LED cove lighting that can change any color of the rainbow.  Also featured are new, LED, dimmable chandeliers, and automatic shades that allow in or block out the natural light, depending on your preference.

We invite you back to experience our newly renovated theater.  We can’t wait to see you!