Intern at the Pump House

Each year, the Pump House offers many opportunities for area students to gain professional experience working at a nonprofit arts center, build their portfolios and network with other professionals from the area. Pump House internships are unpaid and redeemable for academic credit. We accept students of all fields of study, and are happy to customize a job description to fit the specific needs and skills of the individual student.

If you are interested in learning more about Pump House internships, or would like to sit down with our intern supervisor to discuss a potential position on the team, please email

Administrative Assistant Internship

The Administration intern is responsible for ensuring Pump House patrons have positive, enriching and engaging experiences at the Pump House. This person also provides support to the administrative staff and to the Executive Director. This person will learn a broad range of skills, and will get in-depth practice in business communications.

This person should be outgoing and personable, as they will be building relationships with our patrons and their Pump House team members, as well as with our friends and sponsors in the community. Our patrons will learn to see this person as a “go-to” contact for any and all questions regarding the Pump House. This person should be creative, driven, articulate and enthusiastic, and also possess advanced organizational and problem-solving skills.

Job Description
(Reports to Full Time Arts Administrator)

  • Greet Guests & Answer Phone
  • Give Tours of Building
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of the building and all current Pump House projects, events, etc.
  • Document Management
  • Manage box office and art sales
  • Manage Pump House galleries unassisted
  • Office Supply Inventory
  • Keep office area clean and free of clutter, including updating office signage
  • Maintain office equipment (printers, scanners, computers, etc.)
  • Assist in facility management (Is signage up to date, check bathrooms, are brochures and other materials available at desk, and other general building upkeep)
  • Gift Cart Management
  • Maintain poster boards and rack card holder
  • Manage Office Calendar and Online Events Calendars
  • Researches other arts centers and report interesting findings to supervisors
  • Takes a photograph each week for social media & blog posts and submits weekly blog posts
  • All Newsletters – Monthly Newsletter, Bi-weekly education Newsletter, Calls to Artists, etc.
  • Poster Distribution Management
  • (Networking) Attend community expos including Rental Expos, Volunteer Expos, DMI involvement, etc.
  • Create creative content for Outside Marquee
  • Additional tasks as needed, including coordinating special projects
  • Must be present and assist at two events per term (three months or one semester)

This is a volunteer position, that may be redeemed for academic credit.
To apply for this internships, please email resume to

Marketing & Graphic Design Internship

The Marketing & Graphic Design intern is responsible for the research and production of creative and engaging visual content used in digital and print marketing. Products include logos, posters, newspaper ads, and other graphics.

The ideal intern is self-motivated, takes direction, and requires minimal supervision, can generate interesting, creative and original content, is willing to conduct research, is detail-oriented, has good grammar, and is willing to grow and learn.

Job Description
(Reports to Senior Arts Administrator)

  • including print and digital platforms
  • Compelling, out-of-the-box design skills in typography, composition, layout and color for both digital and print material
  • Create graphic files for implementation into print, web design, marketing/PR and other related materials
  • Assist in designing sales and promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, multi-media marketing and PR campaigns
  • Strong understanding of design principles and methodologies for web
  • Curate and design visuals relevant to our readership
  • Research and recommend images to use in assigned projects
  • Organize graphic files for the Agency
  • Self-starter who can work independently and prioritize tasks
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Team-oriented, realizes direct impact on team’s goals, takes ownership of role on team
  • Able to generate a minimum of 3-5 visuals per week
  • Take initiative, requires minimal supervision
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Additional tasks as needed, including some general administrative duties.
  • Must be present and assist at two events per term (three months or one semester)

This is a volunteer position, that may be redeemed for academic credit.
To apply for this internships, please email resume and cover letter to