The Pump House Regional Arts Center and La Crosse Storytelling Festival announce the winning authors selected for the upcoming original production “21”. Written works based on the theme of “twenty-one” were selected through an open call to authors and a blind jury process.


Cusp of 2021 – Written and Performed by Nancy Noelke

You’re Muted – Written and Performed by Christy Wopat

21 Words – Written by Philip Venzke and Performed by Jim Nelson

Three Weeks – Written by Will Ward and Performed by Chelsea McManimon-Moe

Learning to Swim – Written by Alexia Walz and Performed by Dominique Sicard

Meeting Bobonne –  Written by Denise Rostad and Performed by Kelley Manson

21 Reasons Why We Should  – Written by Kristina (Tina) McGiven and Performed by Jess Witkins

Tale of 21 – Written and Performed by Jonathan Lamb

Twenty-One – Written by Gus Fimple and Performed by Brandon Harris

Ring Me – Written by Lisa Olson and Performed by Diane Breeser

The Long and Short of It – Written by Gordon Fowler and Performed by August Rubrecht

The 21st Cent – Written and Performed by Tom Williams

Dance of the Littles – Written and Performed by Amy Jo Vanarsdall

The production will feature solo performances of the winning stories, directed by Anne Drecktrah. This online, virtual theater event will open Sunday, March 21, 2021.  Virtual viewing on YouTube is free with donations encouraged.

What: Solo Stories on the Theme ‘Twenty-One’

When: Sunday, March 21, 2021 @ 2:10 pm

Where: Virtual Theater

Who:      La Crosse Storytelling Festival Coordinator: Terry Visger

                Pump House Regional Arts Center Coordinator: Toni Asher

                Director: Anne Drecktrah

                Production Manager: Brett Huus, Sound Strations


Inquires/Questions: 608-785-1434