2018-19 Gallery Season

September 12 through November 3

Reception: September 14, 5-7 PM

Soul Work

Artist: Michelle Kaisersatt
Kader Gallery 

Inspired by our natural surroundings, these wheel-thrown, hand-carved sculptural vessels bring the wild vibrancy of the outdoors straight into the Pump House.

Beauty on the Waters

Artist: Terry Nirva
Kader Gallery 

Using only his iPhone camera, Terry takes high contrast color landscapes of water, trees and clouds while fishing on the Mississippi River. The raw footage is then converted into black and white, producing vibrant landscapes that are united in their final exhibiting grayscale.

Kingdoms of the Driftless

Artist: Todd Jensen
Kader Gallery 

Delve into the endless diversity of the Driftless Region’s fungi with this exploratory photography exhibit.

Artist: Mary Opatz-Herges
Front Gallery 

Vibrant colors and obscured light sources are the elemental focus points of this collection of paintings.

November 7 through January 5

Reception: November 9, 5-7 PM

Still Waters Run Deep: A Study Beneath the Surface

Artist: Denise Presnell
Kader Gallery

Denise takes an experimental with her work, moving between two or more mediums to arrive at a satisfying final statement.


Winona Characters: Portrait Photography Project

Artist: Jon Swanson
Front Gallery

Jon is a black and white photographer using his technical abilities to create portraits of what he calls “characters” from the Winona area.

January 9 through February 23

Reception: January 11, 5-7 PM

Komorebi: The Effect of Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Artist: Laurel Grey
Kader Gallery

Beautiful works of cut glass depicting the change of seasons.

Artist: Joan Gundersen
Kader Gallery

A series of expressive stye oil paintings depicting the coulees of southwest Wisconsin.

What Lies Beneath

Artist: Jennifer Rusterholz Stano
Kader Gallery

Abstract Expressionist paintings created using fingerpainting, aggressive palate knife work or gentle, sweeping brushwork.


Does the Caterpillar Turn into a Butterfly Yet?

Artist: Emily Thompson
Front Gallery

A series of photographs from Chicago and New York which captures memories of the past, whispers of hope, witty jokes, and pleas for change that wish to be heard, and how there is true beauty within the grit.

February 27 through April 13

Reception: March 1, 5-7 PM

Vicious Sweethearts

Artist: Kim Vaughter
Kader Gallery

These digital ink illustrations present a light-hearted look into a different reality then one is used to featuring creatures and beasts to mundane kitchen items.

Small Paintings of La Crosse and Rochester

Artist: Leroy Burt
Kader Gallery

A series of brightly colored 8×10 acrylic paintings, focused on images of urban decay, alienation and the primordial wilderness, abandoned buildings, the tawdry splendor of carnival attractions, and locations like Chinatown and Times Square.

Beauty in the Breakdown: An Exploration of our Dark Corners

Artist: Mandy Kellog
Front Gallery

A unique examination of the often missed beauty of abandoned buildings, serving as a looking glass to peer into our loneliest corners and find the rays of light in the dark.

May 22 through July 20

Reception: May 31, 5-7 PM

Artist: Carol Keene
Kader Gallery

Carol Uses numerous layers of joint compound, varnish and paint, plaster and acrylic along with common household items creating  colorful and complex works of art.

Serendipitous Patterns

Artist: Adrienne Loh
Front Gallery

An architectural series that has groupings of portals and gateways, repeating  patterns, architectural elements and organic spaces that conjure a sense of place or feeling.

Chunks of Art

Artist: Mark Arnold
Balcony Gallery

Mark is a plein air artist creating serene and colorful landscapes on Masonite panels and stretched linen/canvas.

July 24 through September 14

Reception: July 26, 5-7 PM

Stunning Power of Art

Artist: Kris Morgan Brown
Kader Gallery

Stunning works of art created by using a cut, assemble, glue and paint technique, allowing the artist to convey feelings that are otherwise difficult to express.

Gothic Greenman Speak Now

Artist: Sylvia Mullen
Kader Gallery

Acrylic paintings on canvas created using a multilayered approach in composition, color and mood that convey the underlying meanings that come through the light.

Earth, Sky and Water

Artist: Susan Klabak
Front Gallery

These pastel landscapes of winding rivers, pristine lakes, open farm fields and forests stir nostalgic emotions in the viewer.

Close at Hand

Artist: Laura Siitari
Balcony Gallery

Drawings and paintings inspired by the seemingly mundane moments of our daily lives, encouraging viewers to look more closely at scenes that are otherwise often overlooked.