2021 – 2022 Exhibitions

July 20 – September 10

Artist Reception: Friday, August 5, 5-7 PM

Julia Scheckel

The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep highlights Scheckel’s connections to the natural world and how it relates to her personal relationships. The imagery in each work references Scheckel’s understanding of the time spent with friends across challenging and rewarding terrains.

Russ Nordman

Iowa Combines

Iowa Combines examines the complex metaphysical relationship machines, architechure and other technological devices have with humans. Nordman uses collage to combine elements of architechure, machinery, and historical sights into one image which reveals a lingering human presence.

The exhibition Filters and Signals includes multi-media works by Lois Peterson, Nicolas Darcourt, and Roger Boulay. By combining multiple sculptural fragments from each artist, Darcourt aims to suspend the perception and recognition of form. While Peterson focuses on natural environments–such as the Artics, savannahs, and prairies, that join together in the creation of a symbolic relationship and allow a new narrative to emerge. Finally, the artist, Boulay, explores the fugitive moment between chaos and order as the Earth becomes an uninhabitable environment.

Nicolas Darcourt

Roger Boulay

Lois Peterson

Youth Exhibition

Balcony Gallery

Boys & Girls Club

May 25 – June 18

International Owl Center

June 23 – July 16

Past Exhibitions

September 15 – November 6

Sarah Nguyen

Ethan Edvanson

James Ringstrom

So They Were Named

Nguyen balances abstract and representational forms that reference folklore, nature and aspects of daily life. Using over-sized and hand-cut paper scrolls, the artist reflects on the lives of women named in the Old Testament.

Sparking Bits

Edvanson celebrates the beauty and fragility of human potential in the mixed media exhibition Sparking Bits. Using loose brushwork, linework and text, the artist brings humor to the other side of life.


This exhibition features the animal drawings of the self-named “Lineilist”artist, Dr. James Ringstrom. In “line” with French Pointillism, Ringstrom uses colorful lines of various lengths which are then blended by the viewer’s eye to create one coherent image.

Youth Exhibition

Balcony Gallery

Holmen High School

Sept. 15 – Nov.6

November 10 – January 8

Daniel McConnell

Whitney Lea Sage

Some Place Good & Deep

Art and Poems by Daniel McConnell, uses poetry, paint, and mixed media to transcend the silence of autism and reveal the human spirit often obscured by limiting labels.

Land/Marks of Absence

Sage tells the stories of Midwestern cities through small panel paintings and “found object” sculptures. The exhibition, entitled Land/Marks of Absence, centers on the increasing cultural relevance of big industry, suburban migration, and architectural skeletons.

Youth Exhibition

Balcony Gallery

Holmen Elementary

January 12 – February 26

Artist Reception: Friday, January 14, 5-7 PM

Nov.17 – Jan. 8

David Montague

Movement. Balance. Change.

Movement. Balance. Change., reminiscent of the artist Alexander Calder, provides an alternative take on sculpture in the form of hanging mobiles. Made from stone, metal, and acrylic materials, Montague’s work invites the viewer to interact with the surrounding space through motion.

Caitlin Bradford

Blue Skies Research

Blue Skies Research refers to curiosity-driven research, conducted without a specific or practical application. Bradford’s oil paintings employ the concept of Blue Skies Research by exploring ideas of curiosity, openness, and imperfection. For the artist, each artwork embraces the irregularity of daily life and their memories as a means to visual investigation.

Youth Exhibitions

Balcony Gallery

La Crosse Elementary

Jan. 12 – Feb. 5


Feb. 9 – Feb. 26

March 2 – April 16

Artist Reception: Friday, March 4, 5-7 PM

Katie Walberg

Ludicrous Landscapes: Counter Production

Engaging socio-political ideas of urban design, pollution and natural resource exhaustion, Ludicrous Landscapes explores the complex infrastructure of man-made landscapes. Walberg re-contextualizes common building elements–such as roadways and power grids–into exaggerated realities in the form of drawing and sculpture.

Sangjun Yoo

So Near, So Far

So Near, So Far is three media installations composed of site-specific data visualization, interactive performance and multiple video screens. The exhibition investigates how the human mind perceives artificiality.

Charna Schwartz

Comforts of Clay

Comforts of Clay celebrates the fundamental connection to the earth that clay embodies. Schwartz, alluding to the drift-less beauty of southwest Wisconsin, layers a multitude of glazes on each piece to recreate moments of introspection inspired by the land.

Marsha Tuchscherer

Close to Home: Everyday Shapes, Patterns, and Colors

Painting the objects, shapes, and colors of everyday life, Tuchscherer creates still lifes of her surroundings. Each oil painting reflects the artist’s discoveries on her northeastern Wisconsin farm and other travels afar.

Youth Exhibition

Balcony Gallery

Tomah Middle School

Mar.2 – Mar.19

Onalaska High School

Mar.23 – April 16

All Schools Show

April 20 – May 9

Reception: Friday, May 6, 4-6 PM

La Crosse Schools – Central (Kader Gallery)

La Crosse Schools – Logan (Kader Gallery)

April 20 – May 17

Reception: Friday, May 6, 4-6 PM

Aquinas High School (Front Gallery)

Aquinas Elementary (Balcony Gallery)

May 10 – May 17

Reception: Friday, May 13, 6-8 PM

CESA 4 Regional Schools Art Exhibition

May 24 – July 16

Artist Reception: Friday, May 27, 5-7 PM

Catherine Williams

Carole Spelic

Susan Morrison

Mauree Childress

Hammer Gams

Hammer Gams explores the social conundrum of wanting to be seen while also wanting to remain anonymous. Experimenting with light and composition, Williams focuses on portrait photography and uses herself as a model as a way to grapple with this question of visibility.

The Elect and the Damned

The Elect and the Damned features portraits of the artist’s friends personifying biblical characters of the angel, the demon, and a hell-bound human. Referencing a 16th-century painting of a similar title by Luca Signorelli, Spelić uses watercolor, wax crayon, and pencil to create contemporary portraits inspired by early renaissance frescoes.


JUXTAPOSITION features large-scale steel and fiber sculptures which, for the artist, represents the constant flux of motion and emotions throughout existance. Morrison’s choice of materials alludes to this idea by juxtaposing 2D and 3D–solid and soft.

Beauty and Beyond Disability

Childress’s exhibition, Beauty and Beyond Disability, paintings are an homage to the “groundscapes” beneath us. Living with a mobile disability, the artist brings attention to the aesthetic value of the bumps, cracks, and textured surfaces we stand, walk, roll, or sit on and how they connect us to the earth.